Decoding FinTech

Programme Overview:

The FinTech revolution is rapidly transforming how Finance is carried out world over. The digital disintegration of Finance that has followed this revolution is changing the industry dynamics, giving a high premium on technological innovations.  The implications are larger for emerging countries like India which can directly leapfrog to be a leader in the industry without going through the rigmarole of inventing the technology required.

In this programme we decode the FinTech puzzle -imparting conceptual clarity on the subject and discussing the innovative ways of deploying and implementing projects within the space.  The programme will impart a strong understanding of both, the FinTech technologies, as also FinTech applications/business as is being seen in the world today.

We will systematically take you through the latest technologies of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning and others. that are becoming the hallmark of FinTech. Through use-cases and case studies spread across the BFSI sector, we shall also explore the application of these technologies pertaining to lending, crowd-funding, payments, cryptocurrencies, banking infrastructure, trading etc.

By the end of the programme, the participant should be able to:

  1. Have a multi-dimensional perspective on what is FinTech and how it is disrupting traditional Finance
  2. Be well familiar with the trending concepts of FinTech such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Ecosystem, Robo Advisory etc., and be able to improve existing business models and financial solutions using them
  3. Be at the cutting edge of FinTech innovation as is happening today in the world and be able to undertake innovation/businesses projects in their company related to the domain

Programme Objectives

The programme will build a comprehensive understanding of the emerging area of FinTech.  It will enable participants to acquire the skills and knowledge of the various manifestations of technology that is disrupting and disintegrating Finance in the form of FinTech.

This programme will not just help the participants to familiarize with the sector and its application, but also skill them to be able to look beyond the immediate and be able to foretell innovations that can become key success factors in the future.

Programme Pedagogy

This programme is designed to enable participants in understanding of the FinTech space and its business case applications. The programme would be conducted through classroom discussions, case studies and developing practical application exercises.

Programme Content

  • What is FinTech, History of FinTech Evolution and the FinTech Landscape
  • Economics, Finance and Technology of FinTech
  • Crypto Currencies and Blockchain: History & Basic Concepts, Mining, Digital signature and cryptography, Early Adoption Patterns, Types of Blockchain platforms (Ethereum virtual machine, Multichain, HyperLedger, etc)
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: History, fundamentals and Basic Concepts, Understanding the construct of Neural Networks, ANN Learning and System Design, Applying AI & ML
  • Fintech Application in Banking (B of BFSI): Use cases of Payments, P2P Lending, Crowdfunding etc
  • Fintech in Financial Services (FS of BFSI): Use cases of Wealth Management, Robo Advisory, Sentiment Analysis etc
  • Fintech in Insurance (I of BFSI): Use cases on Insurance, Fraud Detection etc
  • Regulatory Environment: Understating the Evolving Regulations in FinTech
  • Applying Fintech: Making a simple Fintech application in R, Managing and implementing a FinTech project

Who should attend

This course is for FinTech enthusiasts, tech professional looking for understanding the business aspect of FinTech; finance professionals looking to understanding the technology aspect of FinTech; consultants, investment bankers and investment managers/venture capitalists looking at the sector; banks and financial services professionals looking at implementing aspects of FinTech in their business, as also trying to understand how FinTech might disrupt them.

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Programme Dates & Fees Details :

Mumbai Campus :


 Nov 30th - Dec 1st ,  2018


 09:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


 Rs. 25,000 + Taxes

Delhi Centre :




 09:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


 Rs. 25,000 + Taxes


Discounts on Fees

 Early Bird for first 5 participants


 Group of 5 to 6 participants


 Group of 3 to 4 participants


 Bhavans Alumni ( SPJIMR, SPCE & SPIT)



Contact Details:

Mumbai Campus:

Contact person: Sonal Bajla
Tel:  +91 22 61454296/ 9167478295

Delhi Centre:

Contact person: Bharat Khanna
Tel:  +91 8130545577


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