Clubs at PGPM


We believe that professional clubs, if functioning well, will have a great impact on the personality and placements of the participants. These clubs are platforms for participants to interact with alumni and professionals in their fields of interest. This helps them to build formal and informal networks while exploring career opportunities.

The various clubs are:

Business Consulting Club

Consulting being the prime career choice among the PGPM students, this club aims to prepare them better through guest lectures, alumni connect and skill development workshops. The club activities include case interview preparation sessions, targeted networking and providing valuable insights into consulting industry.

Business Technology Club

Technology’s impact on businesses is tremendous as it helps them adapt and sustain themselves in this VUCA world. At PGPM, participants come from diverse backgrounds belonging to various domains and technologies. The technology club is a student driven club where students share their technical expertise with others, thereby helping them understand various technologies and their use from a business angle. The technology club’s main focus is to create thought processes among students to utilize technology in order to benefit business. The club’s activities include domain specific sessions on various technologies by students, alumni speakers and guest speakers from the industry.

Speak Up Club

Amongst the plethora of activities undertaken by the students of PGPM, what stands out is the passion and enthusiasm by which the official speaking club (christened Speak Up!) is run. Impromptu speeches, prepared speeches and presentations are some of the activities that have been covered at the club. Structured feedback is given to each speaker at the club. A record of this feedback is made and sent to all the members at the end of the meeting. Since this is done for each meeting, every speaker can refer to this record to see how his / her performance has improved over a period of time.



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