Change Management Strategies

Introduction and Objective

Wide disruptive forces arising out of a digitization and digitalization, the wave of globalization, industry deregulation, blurring of industry boundaries the overall business landscape today has moved to another orbit involving a strategic outlook towards management of change. Organizations need to adapt continuously to remain competitive to successfully navigate these radically changing circumstances. Companies have to embark upon strategic and innovative change interventions all the time. The ability of managers to successfully plan and implement such initiatives through influencing the change process, determines the performance and sustainability, the key pillars of any successful organization. Effective leaders play a critical role in preparing and leading change effectively, the essential skills when working in a dynamic business environment.  The objective of the programme is to provide the participant with a multi-disciplinary perspective of process of strategic change and equip them with conceptual tools required to plan and implement such processes.

Participants will learn the critical and necessary skills to initiate and implement both small and large scale change guided by research and proven methodologies. Implementing the learning derived from this programme would help participants in transforming their organization and making it more effective. They would be able to apply the principles of change management to their own specific situation

After completing the course, the participants are expected to understand the complexity and challenges involved in reconfiguring the business; learn models of strategic change, understand roles of different stakeholders; and also develop an overall insight on how to make strategic change efforts truly successful.

Program Contents

  • Introduction to theories of change and change models
  • Establishing the need for change
  • Understanding Step- wise process for Preparing, Managing and Implementing Change
  • Diagnosing influencing and leading cultural change in an organization
  • Persuading key stakeholders and handling the barriers and resistance to change
  • Change management styles, tools, tactics and strategies.
  • Using organization design (OD) to facilitate effective change
  • Designing and executing large scale change management interventions.
  • Measuring the impact of change interventions


The programme will involve case and scenario based discussion. The pedagogy would include introspection, reflection and sharing of participants' own experiences. Application of concepts discussed through brainstorming in break-out groups would enrich participants learning

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