Certificate Program in Digital Marketing

SPJIMR has partnered with Intellipaat to launch an industry-aligned Digital Marketing course for creating employability, as well as for improving skills. This course will provide academic rigor, along with real-time industry exposure, through case studies and project work to help you gain the skills that are required by the industry for Digital Marketing job profiles. This programme will be conducted over 83 hours through live online sessions led by faculty and industry experts. You will undergo multiple hands-on exercises, projects, and lab sessions as part of the course.

Programme Curriculum

Section I: Designed and Delivered by SPJIMR Faculty (Modules 1 to 4)

Section II: Designed and Delivered by Intellipat and Industry Experts


Section I

Designed and Delivered by SPJIMR Faculty (Modules 1 to 4)

Module 1- Marketing Fundamentals

This module will introduce participants to the building blocks of marketing strategy, namely- Consumer Behaviour, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. Participants will learn how understanding of consumer behavior shapes strategy, what are the influences on decision making and motivation to purchase, how market segments can be identified and how  target segments can be selected. This module will also cover the basis of positioning.

Module 2- Designing the Marketing Mix

This module will help participants understand how to design and develop various aspects of value creation for customers. It will impart an understanding of how value can be created through a product / service, differentiating factors of services marketing, pricing strategies, managing the distribution and designing the communication strategy. There will be special emphasis on digital channels of reaching customers as well as on leveraging the digital media for designing advertising, customer engagement and PR campaigns. Design of the communication campaigns will cover all aspects from creative selection to media choices.

Module 3- Preparing the Marketing Communication Plan

The 3rd module will help participants develop integrated communication campaigns starting with the marketing objectives and working down to details of messaging and different communication tools and channels. Participants will work on projects to apply the concepts learnt. Selected projects will be presented and discussed in class.

Module 4: Marketing Analytics

The 4th module will help participants to measure the impact of the marketing communications through Marketing Metrics, Descriptive Analytics and Visualizations, and Predictive Analytics. The module will also cover Campaign Analytics for Mass Customization.

Section II

Designed and Delivered by Intellipat and Industry Experts

Digital Marketing in Detail with tools:

  • Create a blog and promote to multiple sites. Adding conversion pixels for tracking traffic
  • SEO: Keyword search, on-page, off page, Mobile Website, Google page insights, Google Webmaster tools, etc.
  • SMO: Promoting on social media – FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, etc.
  • Video marketing
  • Paid Marketing: Live Google Ads, Facebook ads
  • E-mail marketing: tips and tricks, A/B testing
  • Landing pages: Conversion optimizations, lead capturing, A/B testing
  • Programmatic Ad Marketing, Display Marketing, Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing, Influencer marketing

Marketing Analytics, strategy and ROI measurement

Google Analytics - checking traffic, slicing and dicing data, understanding the growth patterns, and how to build marketing strategy by seeing traffic patterns, respective channel performance, setting goals, etc. Measuring ROI as an integrated approach and strategy creation


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