Abhay Tandon (GMP - IESEG - 2011 Batch)

Mr. Abhay Tandon describes his GMP experiences and how the programme made a world of difference in his professional career.

Mr. Abhay Tandon had already gained three years of experience working with big names, including Accenture, in the technology industry when he decided to do his GMP at SPJIMR. The Post-Graduate Certificate in Global Management programme at SPJIMR is a unique and renowned programme that offers students an opportunity to get an MBA from one of four reputable foreign universities after studying for a year in Mumbai. Mr. Tandon embraced this opportunity with both hands, and this has led to great success in his career, evident in his current position as the Growth Solution Manager with Scaale Inc.

If you ask Mr. Tandon the reasons why he entered a programme like GMP after gathering substantial work experience, his answer is straight and to the point: “After my experience in various technologies across multiple projects, I realised that I had missed out on validated business practices. My inclination was towards a more business-oriented role, so I decided to do a management programme from a well-regarded B School. We constantly need to upgrade ourselves to perform better and be more efficient, which I managed to do while in the programme.” Of course, his previous professional roles related to international synergies offer him an advantage in his field, too.

As a seasoned Growth Consulting professional with the company, Mr. Tandon’s current work profile involves meeting clients on a regular basis and making strategic decisions that influence people globally. It’s something that he admits he thrives on. But, it was that strategic decision he made by taking up the GMP programme that paved the way for him. “Undoubtedly GMP is an exceptional opportunity to equip oneself with industry-relevant business practices through the guidance of some of the most industry wide experienced faculty. What’s more, it allows you to be a part of a strong and growing alumni network.” But, of course, there are challenges along the way, including studying in a foreign environment for a year. Mr. Tandon reflects on his own experience of studying at IESEG School of Management in France: “There are huge cultural differences and it took me close to two months to fully understand how things differ, be it culinary habits or something as simple as crossing the road. Thankfully, SPJIMR offered us all the support and prepared us for these differences. We had French classes where we not only learned the language, but elements of their culture, too. It helped me interact with international students on an even footing and that helped me grow.”

According to Mr. Tandon, the teaching and learning experience in India and France varied greatly but that was expected, because while the former was highly intensive with multiple courses, the latter was all about electives. As a result, he holds SPJIMR and the edge it gave him in high regard. This is evident when he says, “SPJIMR instilled in me an attitude to win. I also realised how important it is to be perseverant and focused to achieve your goals. The introspection exercises that were held in the scenic surroundings of Lonavala were an integral part of my learning too.”

While these experiences made Mr. Tandon the prolific professional he is today, the dynamic and energetic peer group pushed him to do better to gain a competitive edge. Today, many of them have gone on to become well-known names in their chosen fields. This is something that Mr. Tandon thinks SPJIMR should draw from: “I was lucky to have a diverse and competitive peer group as it pushed me to do better. With the strong alumni network of GMP I feel SPJIMR should conduct more activities involving alumni and the current batch. It can take things a step further.” Mr. Tandon, as is his nature, ends on a thoughtful note. And, students and professionals should heed his advice, as he has charted a path to success that many would be smart to emulate.

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