“Stand up and be counted,” says Kotak Mahindra Bank MD Mr. Uday Kotak at the SPJIMR Graduation Ceremony 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016

The S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) held the Graduation Ceremony 2016 on Friday, April 15. The graduating batches included PGDM, PGEMP and PGPM, who came together on campus, celebrating their respective journeys at the Institute. Friends and family were in full support as they graced the specially erected hangar on the far west end of the massive campus.

The chief guest for the ceremony was the Mr. Uday Kotak, Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Bank, who with his experience and stories guided the graduating students on how they can take on life after college.

A total of 485 participants with their coats and hats and red, blue and purple hoods, gathered for the procession headed by Mr. Uday Kotak and Dean Dr. Ranjan Banerjee. The procession entered the auditorium amidst applause form the gathered parents, a look of enthusiastic pride on their faces, searching for their children, cameras in hand.

In his welcome address, Dr. Banerjee laid out the year that was for the Institute and the many developments that took place. In a note to the students, he asked them to hold their learnings at SPJIMR dear. “Every crisis is an opportunity to demonstrate your values. When things look difficult, go back to the values you hold dear and ask yourself: which value do I want to demonstrate in this situation?” he said.

This was followed by Mr. Kotak handing the diplomas and certificates to the meritorious students or the ‘Dean’s Top Awardees’ of all the three programmes, as family, friends and classmates applauded.

In his inspiring address, Mr. Kotak offered the students five points to remember as they took on their roles as professionals. “Have the courage to speak for yourself, be counted for who you are, be open to learning and criticism from people of any age, take a job where you look forward to going to work, and always treat your professional and personal lives at par,” he said.

“Wherever you are, stand up, speak up and be counted. Do not be a roll over. You have the professionalism, you have the expertise, you have the knowledge, and you have the intelligence. And don’t let other people roll over you. You must have the courage…,” Mr. Kotak said.

Later, 218 participants of PGDM, 103 of the PGPM and 164 of the PGEMP (Batches 42, 43, 44, 45 and 46) participants came on stage one by one, shook hands with Dr. Sesha Iyer, Governing Council Member and Advisor to the Dean, and received their certificates from the Dean.

It was Dr. Iyer who toward the end of the ceremonies delivered the oath that formally conferred the post graduate qualification, turning the graduating class into alumni who will carry the privilege of having graduated from SPJIMR.

His right arm raised in front of him, Dr. Iyer asked the students to rise and do the same as he led the oath taking that ended with the words: “…With the grace of the Almighty, may you prove worthy of it.”

Dr. Vasant Sivaraman, Head of the PGDM programme, said: “On a personal note, it was my first batch as Chair with a new programme team. It has been an exciting year with no day like another. The programme team will have a special bond with you.”

In her address, Member of the Governing Council and the PGEMP programme Chair, Dr. Renuka Kamath, said, “We are delighted that our PGEMP participants wearing the black robe today have proved that age is no bar when it comes to learning. The variance in age is from 27 years to as ‘young’ as 51 years and all have been extremely enthusiastic and committed throughout their journey.”

Prof. Suresh Lalwani, Chair of the PGPM programme, said: “The batch has consistently displayed amazing balance in terms of distributing time for academic pursuits, a zest for extra-curricular activities and in many cases, a simultaneous need to bestow attention to spouses and children who have supported them in this remarkable quest.”

Dr. Suranjan Das, Faculty Coordinator for the SPJIMR Graduating Ceremony, later thanked all those who worked to make the event a success. He thanked partner companies, parents and families of the Graduating Class as the ceremony drew to a close and guests moved out for a gala dinner on the lawns, a space that was filled with more photographs, laughter and all-round cheer on one of the most important days of the lives of the graduates.

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