Adjunct Faculty, Finance
Assistant Professor- People & Performance, Associate Programme Head for the Post Graduate Management Programme for Women (PGMPW)
Assistant Professor - General Management & Strategy, Associate Programme Head - Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)
Assistant Professor- Communication
Professor - Information Management, Head- ERP Implementation Programme
Professor- Marketing
Professor - General Management and Strategy
Assistant Professor - Finance
Professor- People & Performance & Group Head- Design Thinking
Adjunct Faculty
Executive Director – Centre for Innovation in Sustainable Development (CISD)
Professor - Economics, Chairperson - Post Graduate Program in Family Managed Business (PGPFMB), Executive Director – Centre for Family Business and Entrepreneurship (CFB&E)
Associate Professor - Finance, Associate Programme Head - PGDM
Executive in Residence
Assistant Professor - Finance
Head- Capstone Projects
Assistant Professor- Liberal Arts
Vice President - External Relations
Associate Professor - People & Performance
Assistant Professor - Marketing
Professor, Adviser to the Dean
Professor- Economics, Associate Dean - Professional & Executive Programmes & Group Head- Economics
Professor-Finance, Chairperson, Post Graduate Executive, Management Programme (PGEMP)
Distinguished Visiting Faculty
Associate Dean -Academics & Research, Professor- People & Performance, Head- Office of Research & Innovation (ORI), Chairperson - Fellow Programme in Management
Adjunct Faculty- People & Performance
Assistant Professor- Finance, Associate Head- Center for Financial Services
Adjunct Faculty
Associate Professor - Information Management, Associate Programme Head - PGDM
Associate Professor - People & Performance, Group Head - People & Performance and Communication
Assistant Professor - Business Communication, Head - Digital Communication
Associate Professor (Adjunct), Head of Public Policy
Executive in Residence
Executive Director - Centre for Financial Studies (CFS)
Assistant Professor, Science of Spirituality
Professor, Area Head - Operations & Supply Chain
Director, Abhyudaya - Centre for Innovation in Sustainable Development (CISD)
Assistant Professor- Information Management, Associate Head- Office of Research & Innovation (ORI)
Assistant Professor - Economics
Associate Professor - Finance, Area Head - Finance
Professor - General Management & Strategy, Group Head - Strategy
Adjunct Faculty - Finance
Assistant Professor- People & Performance
Associate Professor-Information Management and Head - Technology Solutions
Professor - Marketing, Chairperson - PGMPW
Executive in Residence
Head - Career Services
Professor & Group Head- Quantitative Methods
Associate Professor and Area Head- Information Management
Adjunct Faculty - Non-Classroom (DOCC)
Associate Professor- Economics
Assistant Professor - Finance, Head - Central Examination & Project Lead (Analytics Major)
Professor- General Management & Strategy
Professor- Marketing, Head- Delhi Centre, Chairperson- Post Graduate Programme in General Management (PGPGM) & Lead- Faculty Development
Professor - Operations and Supply Chain Management, Chairperson - PGDM
Assistant Professor- Information Management
Assistant Professor- Quantitative Methods, Associate Programme Head - Post Graduate Executive Management Programme (PGEMP)
Associate Professor - Marketing
Associate Professor - Operations and Supply Chain Management
Assistant Professor - Operations and Supply Chain Management
Deputy Director- External Relations and Placements
Associate Professor - Operations & Supply Chain Management, Chairperson - PGPM
Adjunct Faculty- Economics
Associate Professor
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing, Area Head - Marketing
Assistant Professor - Communications
Assistant Professor- General Management & Strategy and Associate Programme Head- Global Management Programme (GMP) & Co-Chairperson- International Relations
Assistant Professor- Operations & Supply Chain Management
Adjunct Faculty, Marketing
Professor , Chairperson - International Relations
Professor - Science of Spirituality, Executive Director – Centre for Wisdom in Leadership (CWIL)
Associate Professor and Head- Accreditation, Ranking & ADMAP
Assistant Professor- Operations & Supply Chain Management, Associate Programme Head for the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM)
Adjunct Faculty
Professor - Economics
Assistant Professor - Marketing, Associate Programme Head - PGPM
Assistant Professor, Information Management Area
Associate Professor- Information Management, Programme Head- Global Management Programme (GMP)
Professor & Associate Dean - Full-time Programmes
Associate Professor- Finance
Assistant Professor- People & performance
Adjunct Faculty
Professor - Finance
Associate Professor- General Management & Strategy, Head- Central Admissions
Professor - Finance, Chairperson - International Relations
Head Alumni Relations and Development Officer
Adjunct Faculty - Marketing
Associate Professor, Strategy & Policy , Programme Head- Post Graduate Programme in Development Management (PGPDM)
Bhavan's Campus
Munshi Nagar | Dadabhai Road,
Andheri West | Mumbai - 400 058, India
Reception: +91 22 61454200
Delhi Centre
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Campus, 
3rd Floor Gate No. 4, Copernicus Lane
Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001
Telephone: 011-23073121, 011-23006871
Direct Line: 011- 23383563

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