> Industry Projects Integrated Placements Initiative

IPIPI (Industry Projects Integrated Placements Initiative) was conceptualized to help participants relate theories of management to actual issues and challenges that exist in the industry. The course aims at bridging the gap between "knowing" and "doing" by implementing the "Action-based Learning" and "Beyond the Classroom" pedagogy of SPJIMR.

IPIPI provides participant with a unique opportunity to work closely with the industry in solving real-time problems thereby getting a new perspective on businesses. The duration of the program is 6-8 weeks and exposes the participants not only to unique business cases but also to the diversity of organizational cultures and people from different backgrounds. IPIPI promotes mutual learning and fosters the application of management concepts learnt by participants in foundation, functional, general management and customization modules and encourages them to apply skills of consulting and business intelligence.

The program has been highly acclaimed by the industry and has lived up to its promise of providing the corporate world with experienced mid-level and senior level management professionals having a modern outlook.


> Objectives

  1. Strengthen the industry-academia interface
  2. Empowerment of participants in understanding intricacies of business and responsibilities for their future roles
  3. Insight into current industry-specific business practices
  4. Enable participants to work on challenges/ business cases requiring business research and application for better future business growth


> Benefits of IPIPI to companies

Quick and efficient solution to business problems is the need of the hour in today’s rapidly changing scenarios. IPIPI gives companies an opportunity to approach a set of highly motivated people, who are eager to demonstrate their management prowess. They can leverage on the rich experience of participants who bring with them an average work experience of almost 6 years and represent multiple domains.IPIPI participants would work closely with organizations in giving them new directions to strategies, business intelligence, cost control, performance improvement and more.


> Benefits of IPIPI to participants

IPIPI is considered to be a key equalizer in managing the expectations of participants. It gives the participants the best of both worlds. They get to learn and also implement their knowledge and skills in real-time industry problems. Further, it gives them exposure to real engagement in managerial roles. During IPIPI, the learning and practice of concepts puts them in the right path to illustrious careers.


> Methodology

  1. Companies visit SPJIMR campus during IPIPI placements (For schedule, please see the placements page) and present their proposal to participants
  2. Companies shortlist participants who express interest in the proposal
  3. Companies interview participants and give them offers
  4. Selected participant and company fill the “IPIPI Project Description form” and submit it to the placement committee
  5. During the three week period before commencement of IPIPI, participants analyze the business case and seek assistance from participating company’s division
  6. Participants undertake IPIPI in the company for 6 weeks and conclude the project by providing recommendations and presenting their findings to the company’s management
  7. Participants return to campus and present the case, implementation and results to the faculty
  8. SPJIMR awards credits upon successful completion of the program "Pre-Placement" offers can be made to the participants by contacting the Placement Cell at SPJIMR.


> FAQs

When does IPIPI take place?

Execution of projects at the company starts from October 11th 2012 and is expected to be completed by
November 19th 2012.

How does a company apply and what are the dates for the same?

IPIPI placements start from August 2012. Companies are invited to SPJIMR campus in Mumbai to select participants for the program.

Do Professors guide the participants during the course of IPIPI?

Yes. Experienced faculty from SPJIMR maintain an interaction with the participants during the tenure of IPIPI and offer mentoring on regular basis.

To how many participants can a company give IPIPI offers?

This depends on the project/business case complexity. Companies are welcome to give IPIPI offers to more than one participant.

Does the company pay a stipend or other remuneration to participants?

Companies are encouraged to disburse industry standard stipend to participants.

How does one ensure confidentiality?

SPJIMR emphasizes the need for confidentiality to all participants. The participants must enter a “non-disclosure agreement” with the organization if any.

Can companies give pre-placement offers to participants?

Yes. Companies are welcome to give pre-placement offer to participants. The company can get in touch with the placement cell for further details

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