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The Centre for Entrepreneurship in SPJIMR, a founding member of NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) launched the pioneering Start Your Business (SYB) and Grow Your Business (GYB) programmes. A little known information is that through the Centre's efforts, SPJIMR has generated over 70 start-ups, which has highlighted the Institute's commitment to entrepreneurship. It was these activities which led to SPJIMR being invited to the Department of Science and Technology (DST)  TechnoPreneur Promotion (TePP) committee and to the inaugural Start Up India Convention on January 16, 2016 in Delhi.   

SPJIMR is seen to be continuing to play a pioneering role in promoting entrepreneurship and another step in this direction has been the setting up of a Start-Up Incubation Centre in its premises itself.  The SPJIMR-SPIC is chartered to provide opportunities to SPJIMR students, alumni & faculty to test their entrepreneurial ideas and build them. It is envisaged that incubatees will pursue challenging, path-breaking and innovative solutions to problems that haven’t received attention so far.  

The SPJIMR’s Start-Up Incubation Centre is open to all the faculty & participants of relevant courses at SPJIMR viz. PGP, PGPM, FMB, EMP, SYB & GYB as well as the entire alumni family.  The support that is promised to the selected participants includes:

  1. Structured mentoring by a panel of faculty & external domain experts as per detailed requirement of the course. This will continue if there is successful progress as reviewed by SPJIMR-SPIC on the pre-agreed milestones. This will be a minimum of one session/fortnight on campus, and may extend to off-campus meetings where the discussions can be carried forward with domain experts.
  2. Business development through firm connects as required by the start-ups for generating early revenues once the MVP has been tested for successful adoption. Given the current business environment where start-ups are largely disbelieved, this association with and introduction to potential customers by SPJIMR would open doors as well as close the early business deals which are a lifeline for most start-ups.
  3. On acceptance into the SPJIMR-SPIC, each start-up may suitably mention this in their presentations to clients as well as investors, thereby getting an opportunity to gain from the credibility established by their alma-mater over the last few decades.
  4. Participation in innovation led events and sessions related to entrepreneurship which are scheduled by SPJIMR-SPIC which can accelerate the execution and go-to-market plans of the start-ups
  5. Introducing the start-ups to potential investors and VCs for investment pitches to be made in an effort to help raise the capital required.

The selection process will commence every quarter and will involve an application to be submitted, which is uploaded on this website. A minimum of 15 start-ups will be selected for the next step involving the signing of an MOU which lays down the terms for this association. After the successful due-diligence and eventual acceptance into the SPJIMR-SPIC, the start-ups will begin to interact with the Start-up Incubation Centre.

We look forward to seeing all those interested in starting in this exciting, challenging & path breaking entrepreneurial journey.

For any further contact for any doubts & clarifications required please write to: or reach out to Mr. Shirish Kotmire, Head of SPJIMR’s Start-Up Incubation Centre at

Direct: 022 61454 391

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