SPJIMR Concludes Autumns Placements, Reports Jump in New Companies on Campus

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

SPJIMR on Monday announced that it has expanded corporate partnerships for its Autumns Placements process with 29 new companies coming on-board for campus placements this year. SPJIMR said that 35 per cent of the offers for the 2016 season were made by these new companies, signifying a never-before increase and diversification in the portfolio of recruiters.

The institute released the figures on the successful conclusion of the placements process, which highlighted the continued confidence of leading corporates in the knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants of the institute's full time two-year MBA-equivalent PGDM programme.

The 2016 Autumns Placements season brought a total of 223 internship offers for SPJIMR PGDM participants from 53 companies, which is a jump of 25 per cent over 2015 in the number of companies visiting the SPJIMR campus. The PGDM Class of 2017 has a total of 229 participants.

The Autumns Placements process is a SPJIMR innovation that enables recruiting companies to hire interns from a rich talent pool after the participants have completed specialisation courses followed by advanced courses in a global university and a six week-long internship with non-profits, mostly in rural India.

This enables SPJIMR participants to stand out and be ready to serve a range of sectors in an economy that is opening up new opportunities in urban India and expanding fast in the rural markets.

This is the first year that SPJIMR partnered with leading companies overseas, resulting in two PGDM participants getting offers for internships in international locations with Fortune 500 MNCs. SPJIMR said this was a modest beginning, following a series of initiatives taken over the last one year to strengthen global partnerships.

Sector wise breakup of companies

The top recruiters on campus came from diverse sectors like general management, FMCG, technology, financial services, investment banking, consulting and e-commerce, among others.

Some of the leading companies and groups hiring this season were Accenture Strategy, Amazon India, Asian Paints, Citibank India, Colgate Palmolive India, General Electric India, Godrej group, Hindustan Unilever, Mahindra Group Management Cadre, Microsoft India, Mondelez India Foods, Nestlé India, o3 Capital Advisors and Tata Administrative Services.

Some of the new recruiters on the SPJIMR campus this season and the sectors they came from were:

  • Reckitt Benckiser, General Mills, ITC, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal in the FMCG space
  • GEP, Miebach Consulting in the consulting space
  • Samara Capital, Investec, DBS bank, ICICI Prudential, MCX, in the investment banking and financial services space.  
  • Directi, HCL Infosystems, LinkedIn in the technology space, among others.

In line with previous trends, the FMCG/FMCD sector led the process with more than 15 companies participating, and 37 per cent of the batch was placed in this sector. This marked 2016 as one of the most successful years for the FMCG/FMCD cluster.

Amazon India was the largest recruiter, signifying continued opportunities in e-commerce, a sector that is in a phase of consolidation. The relative slowdown in e-commerce was more than compensated by an increase in offers made by the FMCG, technology, consulting and financial services companies.

Specialisation wise breakup of different sectors

The average stipend in 2016 was to the tune of INR 148,000 for the eight week period, a 20 per cent increase over 2015. Over 14 per cent of the PGDM batch will draw a stipend of over INR 200,000 for the eight week period of internship.

Prof. Abbasali Gabula, Deputy Director, External Relations said, "Autumns projects are unique to SPJIMR and many more companies are buying into this idea. When all other campuses have summer projects between their first year and second year of studies, SPJIMR participants go to for rural internships. Autumns projects are done in the second year post the specialisation courses and the 'Global Fast Track', which offers advanced courses in a top international university. Companies are very appreciative of the quality of output of eight weeks of project work. These projects are part of the academic requirement at SPJIMR and they are evaluated jointly by company mentors and faculty guides."


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