Our Guiding Philosophy

The philosophical pillars upon which rests the edifice of SPJIMR’s educational pedagogy and development are

  • Influencing Practice
  • Promoting Value-based Growth

Influencing Practice

The initiatives and innovations at SPJIMR aim to influence industry practices and therefore participate in re-shaping the nation. The learning imbibed through a flexible and versatile curriculum develops in the students, not only a capacity for analysis and judgement, but also an innate ability to relate to social problems and then draw upon their own resources for understanding and action.

Promoting value-based growth

SPJIMR propounds that individuals need to build the right blend between concern for their own welfare and social good. Thus, the institute encourages development of a co-operative outlook that recognises the value of sharing and mutual respect. This is emphasized in the curriculum through practical experiential learning as well as by example.

The other principles which guide our working are:

Social relevance and responsiveness – SPJIMR seeks to incorporate within its management curriculum strategies for innovative business practices and social value through the integration of corporate social responsibility programmes.

Co-operation and Collaboration The advent of globalization has brought in its wake an increased collaboration for heightened social, economic and environmental benefit. Through collaborative effort, it is possible to optimize the use of limited resources, leading to more appropriate and relevant business practices. SPJIMR strongly advocates collaborative efforts for achieving higher than normal returns from investments.

Networking As a Management Institute, SPJIMR encourages its functioning within a wider social and cultural environment with an emphasis on critical socio-economic processes that are shaping business today. SPJIMR endeavours to amalgamate these diverse perceptions and demands in order to generate a more relevant and significant management education for India. In this respect, SPJIMR attempts to be seen as a major trendsetter in management education today.

Believing itself to be a part of a larger effort, SPJIMR encourages learning by imbibing from

  • The best and latest global business practices
  • Globally recognized institutes from across the world
  • The efforts of Indian business in their quest for growth, productivity and quality
  • Ideologies of gifted individuals who are ecologically conscious
  • Western efficiency and Eastern ethos
  • Leadership Development Programme

SPJIMR believes in building bridges to the future through synergistic effort along with the industry to whom it feels accountable and answerable, and whom it serves with a deep commitment.


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