IT Strategic Planning for Business Competitiveness and Survival: a Hands-on Approach

Programme Overview

The advent of information technology has changed the way organisations run their businesses and compete in today’s environment. Organisations need to correctly use IT as a weapon to be competitive and ultimately survive. A tremendous focus is being placed on aligning IT and business strategies to achieve synergies: derive a real value from IT.

IT strategic planning can be defined as a process by which companies can develop IT plans to maximise the value derived out of information technology for the amount of money being spent on IT. Various levels of executives such as CIOs, strategic planners, information systems managers AND business leaders are involved in leveraging IT in a company and hence can benefit from this programme. The programme focuses on the fundamentals of the process and follows an investment portfolio management approach to maximise the returns.

Programme objectives

The programme will specifically help participants: 

  • Develop the critical professional competency needed by a senior IT professional
  • Contribute to the organisation in the IT strategic planning process
  • Develop a framework and a step-by-step, hands-on and practical approach for deriving an IT Strategic Plan and Roadmap for any organisation, a plan which is based on the business strategy and the state of the organisation
  • Understand and appreciate fundamental factors and the challenges involved in development of an IT strategic plan.
  • Gain skills in
    • Common cross-industry-vertical themes in ITSP creation
    • Common building blocks of an IT Strategic plan

Programme benefits

At the end of the programme, the participants should be able to:

  • Add to the professional base of competencies which are useful from a long term career point of view
  • Get a working knowledge of the hands-on process involved in the creation of an ITSP
  • Create an ITSP for an organisation in a current or future professional capacity

Who should attend

This programme is intended for various levels of executives such as CIOs, Strategic Planners, Information System Managers and Business Managers involved in leveraging IT for a company.


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    Programme content

    • Understanding the dynamics of interplay between business and technology in an IT user organisation
    • Systematic way of analysing these dynamics and thereby identifying the specifics of an IT Strategic Plan
    • Deriving an IT Strategic Plan by implementing a specific methodology which can be applied to any IT user organisation
    • In-class exercises for implementation of specific ideas to the organisation represented by the delegate

    Programme pedagogy

    • Experiential learning of  concepts by in-class application exercises :
      • applying concepts to real-life situations of companies represented by participants
      • identifying actionable ideas which can be applied to real life companies
      • group-presentations and critiques
    • Intensely participative classroom experience
    • Learning of concepts complemented by a careful selection of pre-readings
    • Understanding of core concepts by real life case studies



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