FMB Connect- Awards 2018: Nominations Open


Welcome to the FMB Awards 2018. As we celebrate the achievements of our alumni across 20 years of business leadership, this year sees 3 innovations in the awards.

1.       First, the “Business of the Year” award has been broad-based. Instead of just one award, there will now be one award for each of the 5 regions of India, i.e. North, East, Central, South and West. This will provide an opportunity for more companies to participate and a level playing field

2.       “Young Entrepreneur Award”- To recognize the exceptional achievements of an entrepreneur below the age of 30

3.       Based on the feedback of our alumni and other stakeholders, we are also pleased to introduce a new award category “External Awards” , for entities outside of the SPJIMR FMB family, who have made a mark in the world of Family Business, thereby bringing the SPJIMR FMB family closer to the larger FMB universe in India

Quick facts

There are essentially 2 categories of awards-

 I. Category 1: Alumni Awards for SPJIMR FMB alumni

1.       Business of the Year- 5 Awards, one each for North, West, Central, South and East

2.       Business  Person of the Year-  National Award- 1 winner

3.       Woman Business Leader of the Year – National Award- 1 winner

4.       Young Entrepreneur  - National Award- 1 winner

5.       Innovative  Company of the Year  - National Award – 1 winner

6.       Socially responsible Company/Leader of the Year- National Award -1 winner


II. Category 2: 3 External Awards for outside entities who have made a mark in the world of Family Business

1.       Iconic FMB Leader of the Year

2.       Institution championing FMB cause

3.       FMB Change agent

  • Alumni can nominate themselves for one or more categories of awards in Category 1-The FMB Alumni awards.
  • If more than one Alumni are part of the same family or group, then they can apply individually for all awards, except Business of the Year & Innovative Company of the Year. They can also apply individually for “Socially responsible Company/Leader of the Year”, if their achievements were in their individual capacity and not as the company.
  • Alumni can nominate any non-SPJIMR entity for the Category 2 awards for outside entities as per the details given in this note for Category 2.  For these awards, the Institute will also be soliciting nominations from other sources outside of the Alumni body.
  • Application criteria and application process, deadlines etc.  for each category are given along with this note.
  • The jury for the awards will be a panel of  neutral faculty and experts constituted by the Dean, SPJIMR.

We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in the awards and share your successes with your fellow alumni.

FMB 2018 awards- Rules and Regulations

Category 1- Alumni Awards

  1. Who can apply for what
  • Each alumnus can apply in more than one category.
  • Candidates applying for “Woman Business Leader of the year” can also apply for all other categories including “Business Person” award from the regional category.
  • “Young Entrepreneur Award” candidates can apply for all other categories, except the general “Business Person” award in the regional category.
  1. For the best quality of evaluation and success, applications must be accompanied by as many supporting documents as relevant to the award category- Audited results, testimonials, copies of prizes, press cuttings, photographic or video evidence of a major achievement etc. All financial data have to be supported by audited financial reports. All information will be kept confidential and destroyed after the awards are given.
  2. Last date for receiving applications/nominations is 10 March 2018
  3. From 2018 onwards, Award winners in a particular category will not be considered for the same award in the following year (i.e. within a gap of 1 year). This is to provide opportunities for more candidates to compete for the awards.
  4. Decision of the jury will be final.
  5. In case of all categories except Business of the Year, if there are less than 3 nominations, there will be no award declared for that category.
  6. In case of the Business of the Year category, if there are less than 3 nominations from a particular region, then those nominations will be clubbed with another region which has the least number of nominations. These applications will then become eligible for being judged. This provision has been made so that no nomination is denied a chance of participating in the awards.


Category 2- External Awards

  • Alumni can nominate any entity as per the list below, after filling the form as per the required details. Each alumnus can nominate one entity in each category.

nnot nominate their family members.

  • The Centre for FMB will also be receiving nominations from other stakeholders such as faculty and industry experts.
  • All the nominations will be clubbed and reviewed by the jury for final selection.

Kindly stamp and sign the attached declaration form and mail it to:

All your documents/ proof/ justification/ photographs to be mailed to:

Kindly mention your Name, contact details, and batch number with the above information.


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