A candidate should have a minimum of 5 years full time work experience followed by at least a 2 year break from work. Having met these eligibility criteria, the candidate is now aspiring to return to a full-time corporate career.
There is no age limit for application.
A minimum 2 year break is an essential eligibility criterion. Only candidates who are currently on break are eligible.

A minimum 2 year break is an essential at the time of the commencement of the programme i.e. December 2017.

The programme will require your attendance for the full day, Monday through Friday, for the entire duration i.e. January to December 2018.

PGMPW commences with a one-month on-boarding schedule in Dec 2017 wherein the programme curriculum and rigour will be introduced in a staggered manner so that the returning woman can make a smooth transition into full time study and work.

On-boarding is a critical and compulsory element of the programme. December 2017 is the month for on-boarding . This is a period of transitioning into full time study and work.

PGMPW is a full time 11 month management programme. The programme does not require overnight stay on campus. However if a participant requires, residential facility can be made available at a cost.

The programme classes will be conducted on the SPJIMR campus at Andheri, Mumbai.

The eligibility criteria are: i) Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university ii) Full time work experience of minimum 5 years (Team handling experience will be given due weightage ) iii) A career break of at least 2 years

Yes, the online application form will be followed by an online aptitude and written admission test.

The admission process begins with an online application. This is then followed by an online aptitude test followed by a written test and group interview. All candidates will also appear for the individual interviews. Counselling will be a part of this process.

The online/offline admission tests will require responses based on your experience and aptitude.

Written Test & Group Interview:  October 2017

Duration of the test: 2 hours

Online or on campus: On Campus

Personal Interview: On the same day as online and written test.

First batch of PGMPW: On boarding starts in December 2017.

The application form is only available online. Submission of the application form has to made online. We do not have a paper based application form. The form is available on the online admissions portal.

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The online application form does not require any documents to be submitted at this stage.  Documents will be required on the day of the tests/interviews.


MPW course fee is Rs 8.25 lacs plus applicable GST. The total all inclusive figure is Rs 9,73,500/-

Yes this is an all- inclusive fee for tuition, books & course material. Those requiring residential facility will have to pay an additional amount for the same.

PGMPW offers specialisation in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Information Management.

The field of specialisation is to be decided and specified in the application form. Making subsequent changes in the chosen field is not encouraged.

The fields of specialisation offered by PGMPW are relevant and applicable across sectors / industries.

These specialisations are some of the key functional areas of management which have been finalised based on our discussions with our corporate partners. Your area of experience may not have been in any of these fields, as a woman returning to work with the PGMPW you will now select one of these areas as your specialisation.

PGMPW will refresh the knowledge and skills of participants with the recent industry trends and practices. The programme offers other specialisations which you may want to consider now.

The duration of the internship will be 6 to 8 weeks. This would be during the 11 month programme.

Yes. Many leading banks offer educational loans for higher studies. In case any programme related documents are required from SPJIMR to support your loan application, let us know.


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