Do-it-Yourself Market Research

Increasingly, consumer insight and brand managers in marketing companies are looking at quick ways of getting consumer feedback to help in decision-making. The greater availability of online panels, low-cost survey tools, CRM databases, vast amounts of attitude and behavioural data available via social media, has now made this possible.


This programme will help in

  1. Understanding the many resources and tools available for Do-it-Yourself market research
  2. Evaluating the services on offer and assessing whether the tools are fit for the purpose
  3. Learning about the traps to avoid when doing market research yourself
  4. Knowing when to DIY and when not to


The programme will enable participants to

  1. Learn from faculty with many years of experience in industry and academia
  2. Network with other professionals who face many of the same challenges
  3. Get a clear understanding of when it is appropriate to carry out market research yourself and when it is better to commission experts in the field
  4. Build relationships with faculty who can assist when encountering ticklish issues


The programme would cover

  1. Online panels – how to assess representativeness of sample using opt-in panels
  2. Survey and analysis tools – evaluating tools based on flexibility of questioning methods, analytics capabilities, privacy of information and security of survey results
  3. Mining company databases of customers to provide an understanding of behaviour and underlying attitudes, predicting churn and for cross-selling
  4. Social media analytics – how to keep track, use and respond to consumer feedback speedily
  5. Customer experience and mystery shopping surveys and how to use them for auditing performance

Who should attend?

This programme is designed to help anyone keen on using data based decision-making and who are looking to learn quick solutions as an alternative to the traditional approach of commissioning research projects to specialist market researchers. This programme would be of particular interest to:

  • Consumer insight professionals in consumer, B2B, and non-profit organisations
  • Brand, Product and Marketing Managers in FMCG companies, Sales managers in B2B, Programme Leads in NGOs
  • Business consultants, professionals in think tanks and policy advisors

Programme Dates & Fees Details :

Mumbai Campus :


 28th - 29th September,  2018


 09:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Rs. 25,000 + Taxes

Delhi Centre :




 09:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.




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Discounts on Fees

 Early Bird for first 5 participants


 Group of 5 to 6 participants


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 Bhavans Alumni ( SPJIMR, SPCE & SPIT)



Contact Details:

Mumbai Campus:

Contact person: Sonal Bajla
Tel:  +91 22 61454296

Delhi Centre:

Contact person: Bharat Khanna
Tel:  +91 8130545577

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