Creating a Learning Organisation – Knowledge Retention and Dissemination

Is there a way to assimilate the tacit knowledge within organisations?



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Programme Objectives

Organisations that are regarded as leaders in the industry are generally rich in tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is with people and organisations struggle with the challenge of effectively capturing and transferring this to others.

SPJIMR has developed a unique programme to ensure retention of employee wisdom within organisations.

Recently, SPJIMR facilitated in creating a learning organisation within a Maharatna PSU through a uniquely developed technique of knowledge retention and dissemination. The process involved retrieving tacit knowledge that usually resides within people, artefacts and entities in an organisation. After retrieving the tacit knowledge using several proven methodologies, SPJIMR created a capsule of milestones and deliverables where this knowledge was converted to contextual case studies. This process forced the concerned stakeholders to think about the real life scenarios and decisions the organisation had taken during the past, along with their innovative solutions in the form of risk management, stakeholder management, managing projects with the internal and external environments, and so on. Tackling difficult challenges of cultural and social hindrances was also inbuilt in these case studies.  

SPJIMR then converted this knowledge into case studies, in a story-telling mode. The participants were also asked to pen down their experiences as supplementary to these cases that further helped in the process of knowledge dissemination within the organisation, especially with the new recruits and subordinates.  

Such explicit knowledge that captures the long term values and strategic roadmap is expected to create a learning organisation. 

The importance of using metaphors and stories as a mechanism for capturing and transferring tacit knowledge is increasingly drawing the attention of organisations.

This is a unique tool useful for organisations which would like to explore capturing and re-training the tacit knowledge within their organisations.


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